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Professor Maparyan holds a Ph. Her area of scholarly expertise within psychology revolves around adolescent and young adult development, particularly with regard to social identities such as race, gender, and sexuality. In addition to her books, Layli has published over 35 journal articles and book chapters on topics as diverse as the history of psychology, social identity and identity development, gender and sexuality studies, Hip Hop studies, womanism, and activism. Founded in , the Wellesley Centers for Women WCW is a premier women- and gender-focused, social-change oriented research-and-action institute at Wellesley College with widely acclaimed scholars and researchers including Peggy McIntosh , Ph. Unpacking the Invisible Knapsack. WCW envisions a world of justice, peace, and wellbeing for women and girls, children and youth, families and communities, in all their diversity around the world. From the beginning , there has been a recognition at WCW of the power of data to advance movements for social justice , combined with the recognition that social justice needs to be linked with advances in human wellbeing more generally.

New_York and the Underground Railroad

The wind in the wires made a tattle-tale sound When the wave broke over the railing And every man knew, as the captain did too ‘Twas the witch of November come stealin’ -Gordon Lightfoot, “The Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald” On November 10, , two ships made their way in tandem across the stormy waters of Lake Superior. Anderson, led by Captain Jesse Cooper. The other, captained by Ernest McSorley, was the S.

The subway page: world subway maps with many links to other transport information, principally light rail, tram, and other urban transport.

It’s a Rail Transit World! Produced by the Light Rail Now! Our original overview of worldwide rail transit development has been improved with additional input from readers, particularly with respect to the discussions of regional passenger rail in the USA and light rail transit in Switzerland. What a difference a half-century makes. Fifty years ago, the last years of the disastrous Transit Holocaust era were unfolding — especially in North America, with wholesale abandonments of electric rail transit and trolleybus systems in city after city.

As the power wires were torn down and the rails ripped up, passengers left public transit in droves, eschewing the motor buses that were substituted and opting for private vehicles, encouraged to do so in accordance with officially promulgated policies at every level of government. While the severity of the Transit Holocaust varied from nation to nation, similar policies and devastation were experienced on a worldwide scale. Fast-forward to the 21st century, and the turnaround is breathtaking.

Nearly every large, major world metropolis is either operating or installing some form of rail transit, and more and more medium-sized and smaller cities are doing so as well — and much of this development involves electric light rail transit LRT , undoubtedly because of advantages such as its significantly lower cost and greater versatility. But then, you could probably say the same thing about other enduring technological innovations — say, for example, the automobile, telephone, wireless communication radio , and electric power production.

While the effort to “re-invent the steel wheel” seems an endless pursuit by a small army of hopeful Gadgetbahn proprietors, so far, no technology has emerged to beat the simplicity and efficiency of steel flanged wheels supported and guided by steel rails, which can be easily routed over viaducts, on urban streets, and through subway tunnels. There’s undoubtedly an array of reasons for this intensified interest in rail public transport — here’s a few, for example: Global “rail revolution” A quick overview of some of the highlights of rail transit developments around the world may be helpful in comprehending the significance of modern rail transit technological options and their relevance to a city or region near you.

The following summary is hardly comprehensive, but includes a few of the more exciting developments in what’s looking more and more like a global “rail revolution”.


Tubeprune – The Tube Professionals’ Rumour Network Tubeprune is an unofficial web site for professional railway people working for London Underground and for those interested in the London Underground railway system. Here is the start of a list of some the most commonly used terms and expressions. More will be added from time to time.

Regulatory Training in Underground Storage Tanks. We typically offer this class four times per year, in September, December, March, and May. Please choose a date below to read the full course description and register.

They were referring to the house below still prominent today, which was owned during the antebellum period by the lawyer Leonard Gibbs. Stories about him and the house had been passed down orally by his daughters who lived well into the 20th century. But little of it was written down, so what remained was mostly legend, until I dug deeper. A native of the area, Gibbs had moved to Union Village in , after two years as a state representative and five years as a lawyer in Manhattan.

He immediately joined the Free Congregational Church, which had formed as a comeouter antislavery church in under the leadership of Dr. Hiram Corliss, the Adirondack region’s leading abolitionist. That same year the first report of a fugitive slave seeking aid was reported in Emancipator and considering the strong abolitionist sentiment that had developed during the early s, it’s likely it was not the first.

Documented evidence shows that Smith visited the village on multiple occasions, and Corliss was known to have visited Smith in Peterboro. Many reports indicate fugitive slave traffic through the village and an important memoir passed down, written by Orrin B.

Excessive Traffic

In Brief The Facts: It has been revealed that the Department of Justice supposedly has a sealed indictment against Julian Assange. But the way in which this information has come to public attention is bizarre at best, and looks very much like a Deep State set-up.

And the written language needed to be embedded everywhere, with a different stylistic flourish in each location, including the underground train station and the Bond-inspired high-tech lab run by.

The bi-modal positioning system automatically determines when the system utilizes each technology. Equipment Control Location Reason Code The optional Location Reason Code module enables operators and dispatchers to set the status and reason code for work locations. Location Reason Code integrates with Task Management to enable process execution whereby the configured mining cycle can be automated.

For example, when an LHD operator has completed a task for cleaning a working face, the status and reason code of the face will automatically change to: Delay — Drilling, development. This signifies that the location is now in a delay state until the development drill arrives. In parallel, this status and reason code change will generate a task for the development drill to work at this face. Allowing the operators to advance a mining process provides an efficient means to task automation.

Task lists are not updated while working in offline mode. Benefits of the Location Reason Code module include: Use the Draw Cards module to: Generate exceptions for specific failed items, and review the Prestart history for each unity on a shift-by-shift basis. Operators verify Equipment Prestart items on their mobile devices as part of the logon sequence.

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Psychedelia and New Journalism, civil rights and the Velvet Underground, JFK and the sexual revolution. The last gift spawned something else entirely — the s introduced us to computer dating.

Cities, empires and religions have risen and fallen around these unique underground havens, and yet it seems they still hold a few more secrets. Archaeologists in Turkey have uncovered another massive underground city in Cappadocia, consisting of at least 7 kilometers 3. It is eleven levels deep and has entrances and many miles of tunnels connecting it to other underground cities. It incorporates areas for sleeping, stables for livestock, wells, water tanks, pits for cooking, ventilation shafts, communal rooms, bathrooms, and tombs.

Details regarding the dating of the site and how this was carried out, have not yet been released by those involved. However, researchers have reported retrieving more than forty artifacts from the tunnels so far, so archaeologists may have reached the estimated date of 5, years based on those. Numerous other known underground sites in Cappadocia have also been dated to this era. One hundred square miles with more than underground villages and tunnel towns complete with hidden passages, secret rooms and ancient temples and a remarkably storied history of each new civilization building on the work of the last, make Cappadocia one of the world’s most striking and largest cave-dwelling regions of the world.

Now a discovery has been made that may overshadow them all. The incredible cave houses of Cappadocia, Turkey. Derinkuyu underground city in Cappadocia, Turkey.

Modular Mining Systems

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Researchers have just documented how plants use underground fungal networks to warn neighboring plants of impending insect attack, uniquely illustrating the complex and highly designed interconnected cooperation found in nature. The research study—just published in the July, issue of Ecology Letters—is the first such report that confirms and reveals how plants have uniquely co.

Japan imposed colonial rule over Korea from to With Japan on the verge of defeat in World War II, two young American army officers drew an arbitrary line across Korea at the 38th parallel, creating an American zone in the south and a Soviet zone in the north. Both South and North Korea became repressive regimes. In South Korea, the United States built up a police force and constabulary and backed the authoritarian leader Syngman Rhee, who created a police state.

By partisan warfare had enveloped the whole of South Korea, which in turn became enmeshed in civil war between South and North Korea. In North Korea, the government of Kim II-Sung arrested and imprisoned student and church leaders, and gunned down protesters on November 23, Christians as well as business and land owners faced with the confiscation of their property began fleeing to the South. Army counter-intelligence corps organized paramilitary commandos to carry out sabotage missions in the North, a factor accounting for the origins of the war.

Sixteen nations supplied troops although the vast majority came from the United States and South Korea.

EXPLORING Underground WW2 Tunnels – EQUIPMENT DATED 1941!

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