Other clues By the style of the era: Also, “Picture postcards and the picture researchers: Pioneer Era Although the world’s first picture postcards date from the s to the mid s, most of the earliest American picture postcards extant today are those that were sold at the World Columbian Exposition in Chicago, Illinois, starting on May 1, These were illustrations on government-printed postal cards and on privately printed souvenir cards. The government postal cards included a printed 1-cent stamp; the privately printed souvenir cards required a 2-cent adhesive postage stamp to be attached. Messages were not permitted on the address side of the cards; after attempting various forms of explaining that regulation, the U. The required postage was a 1-cent adhesive stamp. At this time, a dozen or more American printers began to take postcards seriously. Still, no message was permitted on the address side. Writing was still not permitted on the address side.

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Send We respect your privacy. All email addresses you provide will be used just for sending this story. Oops, we messed up. Try again later Thanks to automated payments and online banking, many of us rarely if ever write checks, but millions of Americans still pull out their checkbooks every day to pay their bills. The only way to possibly prevent a postdated check from being processed early is to let everyone involved know in advance — and in a format that goes beyond just postdating the check.

In some states, if a consumer gives the financial institution reasonably timed written notice about a postdated check before the check is received, then the notice is valid for up to six months.

Feb 11,  · the woman is a victimized mail order bride, purchased by a potentially abusive American husband, or that the foreign spouse is a scammer, only interested in securing a green card.

Now, suppose you need to mail something that is time-sensitive requiring a postmark by a certain date – an application, a monthly payment, a proof-of-purchase – or your taxes. Could you use a preprinted APC stamp after the designated date and fool the recipient regarding when the letter was posted? David Malki conducted a “postmark experiment” to address that question. I figured that to really put these stamps to the test, I should send the letters to an address relatively far away — to make sure it went through a lot of depots, verification centers, biometric drug-sniffers, or whatever.

So I arranged with friends a thousand miles away in Seattle to receive the letters, and as a control subject, sent one letter that night of April The next letter was sent the next day. And so on, at increasing intervals of time, through April 29, a full two weeks after the date of the stamp. They all made it.

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This service only operates within Ireland. You need the tracking number barcode of the item. An Post is unable to track items using names or addresses. If the item is addressed to you, you should contact the sender to obtain the tracking number. Can An Post advise me in advance of a delivery?

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Postal rates may be helpful in dating old covers envelopes and folded letter sheets however we caution you to carefully examine the rates and time periods involved. There may be many variables in determining the correct answer to your question. Not all the answers are on this page. There are many postal historians available who might help you. United States postage rates varied according to the distance a letter was to be carried from the post office where it entered the mail to its final destination.

United States zone rates were modified in to reduce the number of zones to only two. Rates were adopted in for mail to or from the Pacific Coast and in for mail sent from one place in the west to another place in the west. There were ship fees which were also added i. The ship fee, including the ship rate on letters for delivery at the port of entry, were on a per letter basis, rather than weight. The United States issued its first postage stamps in Bassville Mississippi manuscript postmark Pendleton Hill Connecticut circular postmark Note pen cancel a.

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Verified Reviewer Original review: Both were smart home items that were very good prices. The items show shipped, they arrived in Denver on Jan 18, One supposedly departed Denver on Jan. Since Jan 19 both have shown as “in transit to the destination. If you do manage to get a ring to an actual rep your wait time will be 1 hour 40 minutes to one hour 50 minutes.

I filed my lost packages inquiry, to date have not heard anything, and I don’t expect to. People in actual post office refer you to the phone number. Ridiculous that they can lost two packages same day in the same distribution center, and apparently it is no big deal to anyone except me. Helpful Be the first one to find this review helpful D. I know accidents happen, but the USPS is one of the worst attitudes of any govt. I received some prints today that I had ordered from a photo print company.

They came in a timely manner, being fair about this. However, the shipping tube had been crushed.

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Absentee ballot and Early voting Vote-by-mail is a variation of postal voting in the United States in which a ballot is mailed to the home of a registered voter, the voter fills it out and returns it via postal mail. This process eliminates the requirements to staff and run a polling center during an election, and can result in considerable cost savings to the state.

Balloting materials may be sent via the United States Postal Service without prepayment of postage. To vote by mail, an individual marks the ballot for their choice of the candidates or writes in their name , places the ballot in a secrecy envelope, seals it, places it in the provided mailing envelope, seals it and signs and dates the back of the mailing envelope.

UPDATE (July 21, ): In January , I wrote this blog in response to a flood of emails I had received regarding a fake shipping scam targeted at small and mid-sized businesses that can cost companies upwards of $10,, in addition to lost product and time.

Is the Notary Signing Agent responsible for the pre-dated dates of the loan documents? As a Notary Public, you are responsible for making sure the documents are completed, therefore, if a date is requested, it must be filled in. In many states, you must also record the dated dates of the documents in your notary journal. All Jurats and Acknowledgments must be dated the day that the parties are appearing before you … no exceptions!!!

What if the documents are post dated? What if the dated pre-dates of the documents are later than your signing date? The Secretary of State of California and the National Notary Association have both stated very clearly that it is not illegal to notarize a document prior to its pre-dated date. There is nothing that says you can not notarize a document prior to its pre-dated date.

From an escrow and lenders perspective, however a document signed prior to its dated date is unacceptable and can cause costly delays and even the loss of the entire loan. What do you do? Always check the pre-dated date on the Note and Deed of Trust when you receive a loan package. If you notice the dates are for a later date, contact the signing service or escrow company that contracted your services.

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Neither party has addressed the reports via their social media channels. The rapper, 35, and the hip-hop star, 44, are said to have parted ways ‘a few weeks ago’ after the strain of a long-distance relationship proved ‘too much’ ‘Queen of NY’: A source claimed in September: They’ve been friends forever and have seen each other’s careers take off. People always joke around though that they make a great couple!

Dec 21,  · Online dating could be construed as “mail order” without the snail like email. So, I’m guessing that anyone woman who has met their hubby on line could potentially be a mail order hubby. I often compare online dating to online shopping.

Gen X Finance Helping a unique generation achieve financial independence. So if you want, you can actually wait until the 15th to get everything in the mail provided the postmark on the envelope shows the 15th. If you filed an extension, you are not off the hook. This extension is simply for filing the paperwork, not the tax payments you owe. You will still need to have your payment, or at least an estimated payment postmarked by the 15th in order to be considered as on time even if you have filed an extension or plan to file one.

The extension will at least prevent you from receiving a late filing penalty on your paperwork but interest will be charged on unpaid tax from the original due date of the tax return. So it is important to send at least an estimated payment before the deadline even if you have filed for an extension so you can avoid as much interest as possible.

In addition to interest, there is an issue with late payment penalties as well. This means it is very important to know fairly close to how much your payment will be.

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